Fitnus Knee Sleeve
Fitnus Knee Sleeve from $39.95 $72.64
Experience a revolutionary approach to knee pain relief with the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve. Skillfully blending the stability of a knee brace with the restorative properties of compression, this remarkable sleeve provides comfort for all-day wear, while enhancing mobility and alleviating pain. Born from the expert insights of a physical therapist, it's meticulously designed to address the leading causes of knee pain, including arthritis, meniscus issues, and soft tissue complications. Benefit from the advanced performance fabric that's not only soothing but also moisture-wicking and ultra-tough. Enjoy full healthy movement without fear of twisting thanks to its specialized side stability feature, while the kneecap protection and acupressure padding offer gentle cushioning and constant relief. Whether you're facing a day at work or a casual outing, the low-profile design fits discreetly under clothing, promoting stability without restricting movement. With the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve, embracing a pain-free day has never been easier.
Fitnus Knee Brace
Fitnus Knee Brace from $24.95
Discover the power of support with the Fitnus Brace Knee Sleeve. This knee sleeve is crafted from soft neoprene designed to  warm your knees, lubricate your joints, and ward off potential injuries. It's an ideal companion for those spending a large portion of their day on hard surfaces. With its contoured fitted design, you'll love the maximum comfort it provides, while its non-slip features keep it from slipping up and down your knees. The state-of-the-art stabilizing technology offers you the freedom to move fully without the fear of twisting or spraining. It boasts a sleek, low-profile design that can effortlessly be worn under long pants - so discreet, no one will even know you're wearing it! Constructed from breathable, stretchable, lightweight material, you can easily throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean. Embark on your fitness journey knowing the Fitnus Brace Knee Sleeve has got your back... or rather, your knee!
Fitnus Compression Socks
Fitnus Compression Socks from $29.95
Experience the rejuvenating power of Fitnus Socks, designed to invigorate your tired, achy feet and ankles. With focused support at the toe, these socks are crafted to gently push the blood from the bottom of your foot up to the top, offering relief to swollen feet and enhancing circulation. The improved circulation leads to rapid soothing of heel and arch pain, bringing near-instant relief to allow you to stand, walk, or run pain-free. Crafted from breathable, odor-resistant fabric, your feet can bask in freshness and comfort throughout the day. More than just comfort, these socks work to stabilize your feet, adding to your peace of mind during any activity. Fitnus Socks are a dynamic blend of prevention and support, promoting healthier circulation while reducing the chances of injury. Step into the day with Fitnus, your companion for healthy circulation and pain-free living.
Fitnus Ankle Wrap
Fitnus Ankle Wrap from $29.95
Experience natural foot pain relief like never before with the revolutionary Fitnus Wrap. Expertly designed to target the heel, arch, and ankle, this wrap pairs healing compression with advanced stabilizing technology. It's a powerful combo that provides natural support and alleviates pain without the need for pills, surgeries, or injections. Versatility? It's got it in spades. Wear the Fitnus Wrap all day or all night, under socks, over socks, with or without shoes - it's all about what works for you. Offering adjustable compression straps, it delivers a true "one size fits all" fit. The secret behind its effectiveness is the unique combination of stabilizing support and soothing compression, a technological marvel providing the most effective natural pain relief for your feet. With the Fitnus Wrap, reclaim your life from foot pain today.

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